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Design Möbelgriffe 3D Druck lackiert Auswahl Muster


We offer you various variants for the surface treatment of 3D printed components: In addition to grinding, dyeing and lacquer, we also offer various special coatings for your individual wishes and designs. You are also welcome to order these services from us individually. 

Surface finishing

Musterkugel 3D-Druck schwarz gefärbt


Dyeing 3D printing is possible in a variety of colors. Since with this form of finishing the color penetrates into the component (unlike lacquer), no additional layer is applied. The perfect application if color is needed but there are severe restrictions in terms of distances or friction.


In order to achieve a beautified and protected surface on the component, it can be painted. The paint can be selected in all RAL colors as desired. The coating creates a sealed surface and makes the 3D print waterproof.



This form of finishing is recommended for components that should not cause any sliding or slipping and should not leave any marks on high-quality parts. This coating also protects the component in the event of a light impact and supports gripping, holding or clamping. 



Flocking is a suitable form of finishing for optimized gliding properties or a velvety feel. At the same time, the soft jacket protects the component from damage. Just like laquer and dyeing, flocking is also possible in a wide range of colors.

Surface texture

Structures and textures

3D printing enables the implementation of a wide variety of surface structures in an uncomplicated and efficient way.

In addition to practical advantages such as improving the feel, these can also be purely visual.

For example, wood or leather structures can also be recreated. Decorative elements from the 3D printer are not only suitable for the furniture industry, but also in the fashion and automotive sectors.

Since the additional effort in production to achieve those structures is minor, costs remain low even with complex surface structures.

3D-Druck mit Struktur

hybrid manufacturing

Sustainable and efficient solutions

We successfully combine conventional manufacturing with modern 3D printing. For example, parts printed with threaded inserts can be quickly and easily connected to other materials such as wood or metal.

If necessary, 3D printing can also be further processed using a CNC machine. You benefit from the low material costs and quick implementation.




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